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Kati Ludwig at Mount Maunganui beach

A Message about the Russian Iconographic Practice


Icon Painting is a spiritual practice. In this modality the artist does not seek individual recognition but dissolves himself during the contemplative process of replicating inspired images.


The images shown are not for sale. However, the Artist may choose to donate a piece or perform commissions for spiritual purposes.

About the Founder - Kati

Kati Ludwig, a hybrid-healer who weaves spirit and energy medicine through her scientific background of clinical psychology. She transforms her client’s lives to be hopeful, stable and empowered.

You are your own guru. Be inspired by your own story.

Your answers lie within you, you only need the tools to access them.


Kati’s mission is to help people to hold space for themselves and to achieve steadfast inner peace. She approaches the biology and the hardened industry of clinical dis-ease with a maternal, soulful presence.


Kati has mastered traditional cognitive therapy, but her piercing eyes and understanding reach into one’s body, far surpassing the limits of the mind, in order to meet the soul exactly where it is and coax it back into its full vitality. 

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