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A Message about the Russian Iconographic Practice


Icon Painting is a spiritual practice. In this modality the artist does not seek individual recognition but dissolves himself during the contemplative process of replicating inspired images.


The images shown are not for sale. However, the Artist may choose to donate a piece or perform commissions for spiritual purposes.

Beautiful native garden with large pottery urn
The Story of Mind Your Karma

The Mind your Karma Retreat & Self Development Centre was opened by Kati in March 2018. It is a calm sanctuary next to the ocean surrounded by a peaceful garden in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.


The Sanskrit word Karma, meaning work or deed, can be manifested from our internal actions such as our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and memories as well as our external actions, behaviours and choices.


Mind your Karma brings together a collective of healers and teachers that hold a safe space for reflection so the healing processes can be met, and your strengths and talents can unfold freely to manifest abundantly into your daily life.


As soon as you step into the healing energy of Mind Your Karma you are gently reminded and encouraged to step into your authentic self as the creator and designer of your unique path, talents and destiny.


Come and meet us at one of our Mind your Karma workshops and events to share, exchange, inspire, explore and thrive!

Services at Mind Your Karma

The centre is a healing space offering holistic health services aiming to assist our clients to retreat, empower, heal, and transform.

​Services include:

  • Life Coaching, Counselling & Psychological Support...Learn More

  • Sound & Reiki Energy Healing...Learn More

  • Yoga...Learn More

  • Massage & Holistic Body Treatments...Learn More

  • Courses & Workshops on Mindfulness, Meditation, Self Development, Stress Management, Personal Growth, Women’s Circles, & much more...Learn More

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