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Mind Your Karma Yoga & Workshop space

"Listen to the sound of waves within you.”

- Rumi

Mind Your Karma Events

Find information on each type of event we offer, and a full list of our current events below.

  • Women’s Circles
    Women are mystical and deeply complex, wonderful humans – and our women’s circles are no different. Meeting each group where it is at, allows unique personal journeys to unfold. With each interaction, our circles are filled with sacred feminine practices and healing; we learn share and grow together by sharing through story, self love, mediation, massage and a special acceptance of finding compassion and love within each group. The circles allow women to remember, honour and reclaim ancient femimine wisdom as a method of empowering their own healing.
  • Self Awareness
    We all have days where we don’t feel inspired. Sometimes we struggle to see the beauty in ourselves and in the world around us. Coming to self awareness is an invitation to eliminate your expectations and replace them with excitement for the magic that is the world around us. Mediation can be used as a tool to identify your fullness and to really know your own divinity. The practices shared in our workshops are more intuitive to empower you to develop your own unique pathway to self expression, to hold space and examine the different elements of your life that allows your joy to unfold.
  • Stress Management
    Stress is an overused word and it’s an accepted modality to have a level of stress in today’s “successful” and modern life. Managing stress is not just about chilling out and doing less. For many people, stress is managed by having a deeper awareness of their internal drivers and greater self-compassion. The inner dialogue to be perfect, strong or skinny or to strive to achieve a particular status in their lives, can lead to busyness and overwhelm. This workshop will have you feeling re-balanced, recharged and empowered with a kinder perspective to help reduce stress and begin the healing and enough-ness and self empowerment
  • Self Compassion + Mindfulness
    Meeting self judgement with self compassion and kindness can bring inner strength to any moment in your life. Self compassion is treating ourselves with the same kindness, care and understanding we would offer to others when they suffer or feel inadequate. With so much change in the world, you will learn how self compassion reduces anxiety and depression and enables you to develop healthy habits, become more resilient and improve your overall wellbeing and happiness. You will leave the workshop with some simple tools that you can apply to your everyday living to manifest greater self compassion and joy.
  • Kirtan at Mind Your Karma
    You are warmly invited to sing with us at the next heart-opening KIRTAN at the Mind your Karma Retreat & Self Development Centre. There is no entrance fee for the Kirtan however feel free to bring your instruments, your friends and your family with an open heart. We look forward to singing with you at our next event.
  • Sound & Reiki Energy Healing Journey
    Journey with us into the space of stillness where surrendering, transformation and healing take place. We bring together the power of sound healing, aromatherapy and reiki energy healing for a deeply relaxing, heart-centred, meditative healing experience! This is a magical collaboration with musician Alice Sea Music & our intuitive teacher Kati Ludwig.
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